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Have questions? Think you might want me to speak at your event? Looking for consulting services? You're at the right page. Below I've listed some common speaking topics and consulting services I've done. Use the contact form below to get in touch if you'd like to inquire about my services, or if you just want to drop me a line.

Consulting Services

  • Quantitative Data Analyses

  • Qualitative Data Analyses

  • UX Research Approaches

  • Creating Strong Employee Review Measures

  • Other consulting services considered upon request

Speaking Topics

  • Using SPSS for Data Analyses

  • Social Scientific Research Workshop

  • Measurement Construction: Proper Techniques

  • Attachment Styles, Relationships, and Health

  • Relationship Conflict

  • Mindfulness at Work

  • Mindfulness in your Relationships

  • Positive Parenting

  • Communication Habits that help you live Happier, Healthier, and Longer

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Some of my prior speaking or consulting locations

Contact Form

Thanks for reaching out!
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