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Four Ways to Reduce your Social Anxiety when Talking to New People

Over the years people have become more and more nervous to have face-to-face conversations. This seems particularly true for younger generations. In an informal class survey, we found that younger students were 3x more likely to prefer text-based communication methods than older students. When asked why, the majority said it was because they feel nervous to talk with others, especially those they don't know or have just met.

Researchers speculate that people are starting to fear face-to-face conversations because:

1) Younger people talk with others (in-person) less often, and therefore don't get "practice" doing it as often as older generations.

2) Technology makes it easier for people to edit their communication, making them more likely to choose a technological medium for conversing.

3) Many people are afraid that what they say will be judged negatively by those who are listening.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ease your social anxiety when talking with others. This is important because conversing with others can help boost success in your relationships, friendships, career, and more. Watch the video here to learn how to decrease your social anxiety over time. If you like what you hear, hit the subscribe button so that you'll be notified when additional content is posted.

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