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What is your Love Attitude? What is your partner's? Do they mesh?

You can have 1 of 6 different attitudes toward love, and so can your partner. Knowing which style each of you have can help you uncover differences and similarities in how you view relationships.

The 6 attitudes are:

Eros: The passionate, fairy-tale, type of love style. Characterized by a high emphasis on excitement, desire, emotion, and physical appearance.

Storge: The friendship love style. Characterized by needing to know someone well and having an established relationship with them prior to dating.

Ludus: The "player" love style. Characterized by feeling as though love is a game best played with multiple people, and that what a partner doesn't know doesn't hurt him/her.

Pragma: The pragmatic love style. Characterized by needing to find a partner that meets certain criteria, such as having a certain career, living in a certain area, etc.

Manic: The all-consuming love style. Characterized by extreme emotions (usually both highs and low), questioning a

partner's love, and needing a lot of reassurance from a partner.

Agape: The giving love style. Characterized by putting one's partner above oneself and being very selfless and giving in a relationship.

Watch the video here to see the benefits and drawbacks of each type.

Head to this site to complete a love attitudes questionnaire if you still aren't sure which style you have. You can also have your partner take the test if you would like.

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